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Word Definitions: Videovision – The Next Generation Television?

In a world of amazing and ever-changing technologies also comes new words and ways to use online and digital channels. Remember the days when a “keyboard” was an object but now it’s used as verb in our schools with “keyboarding classes” instead of the old, outdated “typing classes”! Then, does one “twitter” or “tweet” when communicating via Twitter is one that still comes under debate for word use.

We have seen the evolved methods and uses for digital channels like Netflix cast off of our TV sets along with the pre-recorded, on-demand shows and movies created just for Netflix subscribers. We are seeing common TV networks evolving and changing their business models to incorporate the on-demand needs and viewers. CBS, for one, is building out their newest area called “CBS All Access” to appease the digital, on-demand audiences. [We know this because they are looking for marketing help – and they can call us any time they’d like!]

Most recently, latest news today from Google-owned YouTube, is the launch of YouTube Newswire. They will use their YouTube technology to post, share…curate videos created by you, or anyone, into what they hope will be the “most newsworthy eyewitness videos of the day”. Google owns the largest market-share for Search Engines, so why not evolve YouTube and videos into their “information ecosystem”? It will be interesting to see how they actually determine what’s real and authoritative (not faked or propaganda) to determine what’s really “news”.


But, while this YouTube direction is interesting and in-line with technology evolutions, it brought us to thinking, what’s going to be the new word for this way of looking at and finding the news or …. videos? The word Broadcast is already defined as a “transmission via radio or television”. Will that word be expanded to mean “or video” too? If it’s no longer TV (Television) we are watching, then what is it? Is it VT (Videovision)? When I communicate my actions via social channels like Twitter or Facebook, am I going to have seen it on “YT’s VV”? Surely someone will create the next word (noun or verb) and/or acronym to help quickly describe what watching things created for online viewers will be. If YouTube wants to capitalize and hold a brand aspect to a new term (like Kleenex did for facial tissue), maybe they should call it  “YouVision”, or “YV”!! What do you think?

– We love words and how they are used…online. It’s those words, aka: keywords, that help our businesses succeed and reach people out there…online! So using them wisely, effectively and knowing what is common is something good to note as digital marketers!

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