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Update To Twitter Abbreviations – What Does _ Stand for in Twitter

Lots of people and businesses are using or incorporating the use of Twitter as part of their online routine. Many of you ask “what does this stand for on Twitter”, well, here are a few of the commonly asked for Twitter abbreviations and uses that you all have asked about:

RT – ReTweet

One uses this generally to suggest that another username tweeted the comment and you are re-tweeting for your followers to see too.

You can RT your own stuff too. Example:
RT @lydiafabry Twitter Abreviations Update:

An RT suggests that there was already a Tweet about this helpful web page. If the URL you point to is too long for the 140 spaces then there are tools to create shortened URLs, like ( ) and others.

OH = OverHeard

One uses this to suggest that they are not responsible for a certain comment they are putting on Twitter but that they simply overheard it from someone else. Generally it is overheard from physically hearing it not seeing it posted somewhere.

DM = Direct Message

The format is to use the letters DM then a space then the username instead of the @username to send a message that only the recipient can see. Example:
DM lydiafabry Don’t tell anyone I sent this!

And no one but I will see your message if you tweet that to me! You can also publically ask people to DM you with information that should stay private and not viewable by others.

Expressions used on Twitter and other “short” social media type areas:

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

LMAO = Laugh My Ass Off

OMG = Oh My God
OMFG = Oh My F%^&ing God

BTW = By The Way

Twitter, Verb or Noun, how is the language spoken?

It is official now, Twitter founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams publicly cleared up the proper way to speak Twitter. They tell us that Twitter is the noun and Tweet is the verb, so…

You can tweet on Twitter but you cannot, or should not, be twittering a tweet!

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