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Twitter – A Passing Fad or Future Tool for Business

It’s funny that so many really think that Twitter only started this year. It was actually founded back in 2006 and most professional internet marketers, search enthusiasts and regular bloggers were playing with it from the start. Business associates and clients know that I have suggested using Twitter for business starting back in 2007 (I like to play and test things before I recommend it to anyone). And, I still get the question “Is Twitter […]

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Social Media – The Art of Socializing Online as Relates to Offline

Ok, I am going to go out on a limb today. Normally, I really try to keep things clean and professional. You’ll see that I rarely infuse personal stuff and much less inappropriate stuff on my Twitter or Facebook accounts. But, today, to prove a point, I think my example might push into a slightly more personal or inappropriate space in hopes that the information given will help better understand online social media as it […]

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Update To Twitter Abbreviations – What Does _ Stand for in Twitter

Lots of people and businesses are using or incorporating the use of Twitter as part of their online routine. Many of you ask “what does this stand for on Twitter”, well, here are a few of the commonly asked for Twitter abbreviations and uses that you all have asked about: RT – ReTweet One uses this generally to suggest that another username tweeted the comment and you are re-tweeting for your followers to see too. […]

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Twitter Helpful Quick Tips from @LydiaFabry

The most recent SEO/SEM conference was PubCon in Las Vegas. Because I had clients that actually pay me to visit them and it will be next week, I was unable to have the time to head over to PubCon this year (next year I WILL be there!). But, no matter, I was able to feel like I was right there. I had Twitter. Twitter is an online social service used to instantly message people all […]

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