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Structure of Internet Marketing & SEO Within The Organization – How to Work Together

Search Engine Optimization/Internet Marketing is helping a website do better in the search engines. This relates to on-page and off-page efforts which include any item that affects or touches the website and also combines all the elements listed above. The old days of SEO have turned more into Internet Marketing. SEO, being only an on-page word editing type of function, is gone and has been replaced with a more appropriate term referred to as Internet Marketing (IM). SEO/IM is a marketing tactic for the internet.

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The inter-connecting of multiple departments with SEO/IM will allow for the creation of a more effective and productive organization. Here are our examples why:

SEO/IM and PPC – Working Together

1. Shared reporting
Tracking and data results shared by paid and natural search can show the relationship between the two, potentially showing the complete journey of the user.

2. PPC ad copy
Successful ad copy in paid search can be transferred immediately to site optimization for organic rankings.

3. Landing page strategy
Combining PPC landing pages used for conversion purposes and SEO landing pages used for rankings will allow for the best possible all around landing page – one that ranks highly and converts.

4. Time and management efficiency
Combined efforts saves a lot of time and money in communication, project management, results reporting, account management and more.

5. Risk management
If a site or page drops down in the organic search results then PPC can immediately fill the gap until the SEO is adjusted to suit.

6. Traffic forecasting
PPC can be used as a reliable forecaster to a particular keywords organic search optimization results.

7. Performance sharing
Results of organic and paid campaigns contain lessons for both.

8. Conversion testing
A/B landing page variations can be built using PPC techniques. This allows a preview to organic conversions.

SEO/IM and Blog Writers & Social Media – Working Together

1. Link Building
Using appropriate anchor text and words for and around a referenced page allows for stronger link quality and better keyword focus for rankings.

2. Page and keyword optimization
Links belong to individual pages, not to sites, therefore attention to the actual referenced page with the topic will give stronger results. The topic suggested on an external page can also suggest additional keywords for internal optimization.

3. Traffic conversions
SEO combined with Blog or Social Media focus can promote and push conversions more quickly. It can also hit additional areas from which traffic appears.

4. Reputation management
SEO combined with Blog or Social Media focus can help maintain a positive online presence and be better prepared for any adverse reputation issues.

SEO/IM and IT/Development Team – Working Together

1. Website updates
With combined efforts of IT and SEO, many re-workings or re-editing of website pages will be less necessary thus saving time and effort for technical staff.

2. Technical issues
A good SEO analyst should have combined knowledge including programming coding and design. Coding and design reviews allow IT to better format and code website pages the first time around.

SEO/IM and Content Team – Working Together

1. Writing skills
Combining strength and knowledge of Content team writing skills along with SEO’s understanding of keywords in general along with the distribution of these words, their activities and rankings allows for optimal website pages.

2. Writing tactics
SEO can provide valuable knowledge to writing tactics that will best enhance the rankings of web pages with statistics from competitive issues that should combine to give content writers the ability to create information that is optimal towards the user experience while maintaining their expert knowledge of a field or topic.

3. Topic ideas
SEO, PPC and Content team research and review for topic ideas will not only enhance the user experience suggesting popular and higher demanded topics but also give room to further optimization efforts for both SEO and PPC – allowing for further conversion possibilities.

SEO/IM, Marketing & Public Relations Team – Working Together

1. Product/Service Priorities
SEO research knowledge can help see current, future and even past items that can be brought to marketing for review and priority for releases of products or services for online and offline considerations.

2. Advertising, Copy, Call-to-Action Items
With research of online competitors and understanding of Analytics, SEO can help with creative elements that work for advertising, ad copy and call-to-action items for better click-thru rates applicable to both organic conversions and PPC conversions.

3. Customer Service
SEO can help prepare or alert Customer Service areas with changes and up-and-coming issues on the site to be ready to service the customer.

4. Branding & PR
SEO search and tracking information can be used to alert Marketing & PR to any online branding concerns and/or public relations issues that appear online. Catching them sooner than later allows for a much better organizational management process in these areas.

SEO/IM – By Itself

1. Keyword Management
Continued review and analysis of current keywords with possible new ones is on-going and a part of everything that occurs in consultations for the above mentioned inner-workings. It occurs in page edits, interlinking, link building, along with internal and external areas we play a part in.

2. Rankings
Rankings are reviewed with each new edit, update or new bit of information affecting the website. Thousands of keywords are reviewed and analyzed for rankings to determine the best area to maintain and build rankings – for traffic.

3. Research
Search and the Internet in general is ever changing. Staying up-to-date on these changes is a prime part of my job and analysis for suggesting changes or updates for the website.

4. Risk Management
The SEO/IM Consultant is your insurance policy on the business. The more support you have, the more solid and stable your search rankings & online traffic will be. Leveraging SEO expertise can help build a stronger foundation and manage risk.

Risk Management is occurring all the time. It is probably the most undervalued aspect of what we do! It is in large part due to the fact that managing risk doesn’t show itself until it wasn’t managed properly, then it appears and it’s already too late.

A main goal as the Chief Analyst and SEO Professional for Search Visible, Inc. isn’t just to help rank the site but to keep it ranked and positively presented online as the structure of the web changes whether from Google changes or other competitive Search landscape changes.