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Shout-out to Network Solutions SEO Training Team

So, yesterday I went undercover into the SEO training seminar being presented by Network Solutions here in Los Angeles. “Undercover” means that I did actually pay for entry, they just didn’t know why I was there and what my background is with them and with SEO.

network solutions seo training To let you in on a little more of that background… about 3 years ago I was working with Network Solutions specifically on the topic of SEO. I knew they were beginning these nice, quick seminars on SEO so I went “undercover” then too. But, Harry, who was the presenter at the time found out I would be there and got a little nervous at first. I promised that I would not say a word, that I would only take notes to give him later and, if he actually called on me for an answer or suggestion, only then would I say anything during that presentation. It all worked great and I was impressed at the way he presented information and really helped those business owners whose experience on the topic of SEO was new. Yes, I passed on my notes and information to him after the class.

Anyway, 3 years later, Randy was our presenter. I could tell they’ve reworked a lot from those years past. I could feel Randy’s excitement and knowledge of his topic. His goal was to get as much information to this quite large group (I believe we had almost 90 people that morning for this 1/2 day session – wow!) but was limited by time. He did a good job at focusing on as much information as he could fit in without sales-pitch attempts. I am all about getting the information to the online business owners. The more they know the smarter they will be at being able to do good things online and with the right people.

Even if it seems weird that Network Solutions offers competitive services to what we do at Search Visible, Inc, I don’t consider it that way. There is so much business out there and so many websites that need help that there is plenty to go around. We need more “good” SEO providers. My goal in life/business is to help the consumer, these business owners, understand our industry. The more they understand the better we all can weed out the bad guys in our industry, the ones who make promises or rip-off the client and bring concern to the world of SEO. The educated consumer can make all our lives better and make their own businesses better no matter if they hire an internal online marketing professional, SEO person, or go with a third party consultant type of firm – like Search Visible and Network Solutions.

Anyway, in a nut shell… I wanted to give a shout-out to Network Solutions for continuing with these great, not expensive ($139 – 1/2 price for additional guest) overview seminars on SEO. You can get more info about their seminars and webinars here:
Any business, small or large wanting to be exposed to the importance behind these online marketing strategies should check them out. I approve! Go Randy!!