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SEO Checklist

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The SEO Checklist is used to help find a variety of factors that can affect your or your competitors site rankings. Check off or write down results and information you gather while analyzing a website. This check list is by no means intended to find all the SEO issues affecting a site but it will give a good overview of items to check for in your quest to high level search engine optimization and rankings.

Website SEO Checklist:

Site Name: Date of Site Review:
Age of Site: Archive Date of Pages:
Google Page Rank: Home/Default Page Name:
Number of Indexed Pages: Google: Yahoo!: Bing: Number of External Links: Google: Yahoo!: Bing:
On-Page Factors:
Meta Tags:
Title: Meta Description: Meta Keywords:
Number of Words per Page:
Where Content Begins: Page Structure (Divs – Tables – Frames)
Image File Names: Image ALT Attributes:
Embedded Code – JavaScript/CSS:
Internal: External:
Fully-qualified (absolute): Relative:
Number per Page:
Inbound: Outbound:
Anchor Text:
Navigation (top/bottom/left/right):
HTML/text based: JavaScript or CSS: Flash:
Miscellaneous SPAM:
Duplicated Pages: Duplicated Content:
Hidden Text:
Page Link Count over 100: Link Farms:
Reciprocal Links: Other Owned Site Links:
Comment Tags:
W3C Compliance:
Off-Page Factors:
Top Keyword 1: Top Keyword 2:
Competition Site 1: Competition Site 1:
Competition Site 2: Competition Site 2:
Competition Site 3: Competition Site 3:
– Note: use this SEO Checklist for Competition Review Info –
Inbound (external) Link Information (PR, Blogs, FFA, .edu, .gov, etc):
Web Server Information:
Server: IP Address: Dedicated: Virtual:
Robots.txt: 404 Page:
SiteMap Page: HTML: XML:
Anchor Text: Last Updated:
Number of Links:
Miscellaneous Findings:
Current Rankings:
Date: Rankings:
Keyword Keyword Value Google Yahoo! Bing
 If you have questions or would like help with using this brief SEO Checklist please contact us.
SEO Checklist June 11, 2015