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Send Along your “SEO Steps”, So to Speak

Today, I got an email from a long time client. They’ve decided to get an in-house SEO rather than continuing with my (out-of-house/outsourced) consulting services for them. I’ll definitely be sad to lose them, I felt like I had developed an overall in-house approach with them over the years while having the advantages of the out-of-house elements. – I won’t get into the differences between in-house and outsourced IM/SEO professionals, but I will say that there are advantages and disadvantages to both. A company truly vested in Internet Marketing and/or SEO should have both.

seo steps

Anyway, this client had a difficult/interesting time finding a true professional SEO locally to bring in so decided to ask those already within the company. A really nice gal, working in their PPC department, stepped forward. I thought, ok, she will know what keywords are, and should be comfortable with the website pages and information available along with the general internal affairs within the business for getting things done (or not) – a good start. After all, I started in SEO and was able to take on PPC using my knowledge base, problem solving abilities, research skills, competitive analysis and more to see how it was done and successfully doing it myself.

So, when I got the email today from this new gal asking me, “If you wouldn’t mind sending along your ‘SEO steps’ so to speak,” I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, be insulted or relieved! Then, I didn’t know how to answer her. I don’t want to hurt our ties together and I don’t want them to think I’m not willing to help. I love to share information. I am best when I am teaching. Over the years, I have sent them tons of instructions, helpful guides, presentations and documents of all sorts, including supplying them with page edits, video optimization, press release info, social media help, link building, and more.  What I don’t think she realizes is that she is asking me for what would be like a Calculus book full of information, rules, examples, exercises, and theory – not quick steps that can be documented in an email. I do keep threatening myself to write an IM/SEO book. I did start writing a helpful Calculus book after I graduated with my Math degree and saw so many students struggling with a topic that didn’t have to be so badly represented as it was in the current books, but, life took hold and I never finished that one. Maybe, there’s still hope for one on Internet Marketing and SEO!

I still don’t know what to say in an email back to her, so, maybe I’ll just send her a link to this blog post [wink]!

But, if you really want “my steps to SEO”, try these:

  1. Get a degree in Math or Computer Science.
  2. Have great analytical, problem solving and logic abilities.
  3. Learn to build websites.
  4. Get a job at a top SEO firm (thanks Bruce!).
  5. Work for years with different clients and websites.
  6. Be willing to earn a tiny intern’s salary while you learn.
  7. Quit your job (not saying why, but it was an interesting story – sorry, Bruce!).
  8. Start your own company because you love what you do and know what to do.
  9. Continue growth, development and research into Internet Marketing overall – not just SEO.
  10. All during the while create your own helpful documents and process by which you’ll eventually write a book!
  11. Send those people who asked you for the “steps” to SEO a link to your Amazon book-for-sale page!