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Recalls and Product Safety for Search Engine Shopping Channels

It’s been interesting setting out to understand how when an item is recalled, like in the case of several Four Paws dog toys, that 3rd party sellers or vendors can’t easily be stopped. Since we spend a lot of time online and after seeing a recent Fox news story update about the sad situation for Chai and Dan regarding the Four Paws pimple ball toy, we decided to see just how many of these toys remained online and through the main search engine shopping channels.

dog toys product safety
We did find that all three of the top search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Live Search) had these products still listed in their products databases as of 03/10/2009. We also noticed Amazon had them too. We’ve email friends and connections (we’re lucky because we actually have a few good ones to call) and only one responded. Wait, did I say “good” friends!!! Actually both Yahoo and MSN friends responded back. Yahoo is waiting on the technical team to get back to him so we have to wait. But, MSN made an excellent suggestion. Our friend suggested going to their “webpage removal request” form and see what happens. We gave MSN all the info, links to items listed in their shopping lists and to Four Paws actual dog toys recall page. They wrote us back that help for this was better directed to their shopping FAQ page but we were unable to find anything that would work and no email form or address for this type of request. Nonetheless, all the items we told MSN about miraculously disappeared later that day from their shopping database. Yay!!

Google, well I’m sorry to say that our “friends” seem to respond to other more basic questions but not to ours, not sure why. I don’t want to think that they don’t care about our dogs?! I know they are currently in travel status so we’ll keep bugging them till we hear. – Actually, we are going to try their “webpage removal request” form too just for the heck of it.

As far as Amazon goes, we did send an email to customer service. Their response back was to go to their “Report a Community Rules Violation” form, which we did but have not heard back yet. We don’t have friends there, so maybe that explains it! [tick, tick]

Anyway, we’ll stay on this in hopes of figuring out why there isn’t anything special in place to report official recalled items, dog toys or other! We can easily report malicious or inappropriate web pages, why not dangerous or even deadly recalled products!!

Hey, if you guys know how to request product removals, please shoot us an email or comment! We would love to at least keep our dogs safe here!