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Online Search & Social Media Blitz

Just recently hired as an SEO & Internet Marketing Consultant by Kids Crooked House, I was told that they had worked with a group involved with a TV show and their products would soon show at some point on TV. Ok, I said, and gave them some thoughts on what might occur when this happens as I had worked with another group who was mentioned on Martha Stewart and Oprah last year. No big deal!

We thought we had it all planned out. I thought I had it all planned out! We fixed up and edited some items on the website for pages, keywords, calls-to-action and shopping issues. The IT team set the website up across 10 servers. Added one last post to the blog and let everyone know that no new updates or changes would be allowed during this time – hey, it was only going to be one day and a quick showing – or, so we thought – we didn’t think about the repeat showings occurring right now! I discussed reputation management when the first sign of references were made public online and we decided to make sure we would have someone monitoring blogs, news, Twitter and Facebook. But, then it hit… 6pm PST, 9pm EST Monday night, it’s the first show and the site crashes!

I jump on Twitter – letting Facebook take those updates as well, and start doing something I’ve only ever had to teach clients to do – never actually “doing it” myself. Yikes, here I am suddenly the only online access and voice for this company. No more teaching or suggestions now, doing it was the action to take!

I am normally just fine being a 3rd party – suggesting to clients to do certain things, correcting their mistakes and giving them advice on how to do work better with their online endeavors – and rarely having to get my own hands dirty! This was new to me, having to represent a company and making sure any and all positive or negative issues were carefully and diplomatically dealt with. We also were under strict non-disclosure and the owners hadn’t told me if I could even use the TV show’s name (I think I can now, it was Jon & Kate Plus 8 – but, shhh just in case). There were so many things that I just didn’t know about properly, so, had to wing-it in some cases (shhh to that one too). Their phones began ringing off the hook and there was no way for me to get in touch to find out what I needed.

Oh boy! And wow! Social media can be quite the sneak attack!

I have a spreadsheet a mile long of websites and blogs referencing us and commenting on us. I have TwitterBeeps and helping me along with Google Trends, Alerts and Analytics. I am in fear of leaving my computer in case something comes up or is said that I miss. We were at the top of Yahoo searches and Google trends today [turns out for Monday and Tuesday both]. I noticed others trying to jump on our keyword bandwagon so jumped on a few extra updates & fixes to the site. Thank goodness for dual screens – now I want triple screens! [Can you do that?]

The design and IT team at Dirigo Design & Development [awesome] team worked endlessly last night to bring the site back up – which they did so that we could all finally find a bed somewhere and sleep for a bit. I haven’t dared try to call the sales team to see what actually happened on their end. I did, however, get an nice call from Glen, the owner, whose phone was blitzed too during this time to say that he is just barely back to breathing, and… to tell me that Thursday we are possibly going to be shown on another TV channel. Oh boy – here we go again! I think after this, I will change my title from Internet Marketing Analyst to Social Media Expert! Maybe I’ll ask for a raise too [wink]!