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New Website Design… Finally!

search visible website Yes… we know… our website was so very old. It was initially designed and built by hand just using HTML. And… well, it has been in need of some sort of updated look for a long while now! Lucky for us we don’t actually get many referrals from our website. Yes, I said it, we don’t pay much attention to search visibility for our own website. Sort of a cobbler with no shoes kind of thing. We are constantly busy with performing services for our clients that we don’t service ourselves. Our referrals and continued work has come from our client base. It’s a nice testament of our work for them. We thank you for that!

So, without further ado, please look over the new site. Let us know if you have questions and know… we are here to help you and your online business succeed first! Truly!

ps: We decided to keep things pretty clean and simple as we launch… and will be adding more to the site soon. Note that we are also a mobile-friendly responsive designed website (we choose a WordPress theme) and recommend that you all build in and/or add mobile-friendly responsive design to your websites too.

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