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Letter to my Internet Marketing & SEO Clients

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To All My Clients and Project Friends,

Thank you! You have made my job most enjoyable over the years. And still today, with your loyalty and trust in me, I have been able to completely overlook my own website for optimization efforts, along with anything related to keeping it up-to-date!!

I notice that many others in the industry of Internet Marketing and SEO have great sites, they out-rank me with lots of content, blog posts and more! But, I am happy to say that it is because you all allow me the opportunity to do what is possible and good for Search on your websites. I get to focus on your keywords, your content, your blog posts, your social accounts and more. You all trust me with my suggestions, even if there are times when you think I am coming up with random ideas and items! You have all seen that I never, ever will give you information that hasn’t been tried, tested and true. You have all seen the results in sales because you also allow me to discuss general marketing items, not just those related to purely SEO, such as calls-to-action items, where items are placed on the site pages, how pages are read, why people stay or leave, external searched items, social media accounts, and much, much more. You have let me play with all of these items (and more) for you:

On-site Items:

Directory Structure – Design to URLs (page names)

Content of the Pages – On-page Text (where, when & how much)

Meta Data (Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Meta Robots, Canonical)

Interlinking Considerations



Colors and Sizes of Items on a Page


Tracking, Analytics and other Tools

Coding Considerations – page load time, spider readability, etc.


Pay-Per-Click Reviews


Ad Groups


Landing Pages

External & Some Additional Internal Items:

Link Building – Link Magnets to Blog Comments, etc, etc

Blog Posts

User Generated Code (UGC)

Dated Materials & Realtime elements including on and off-page items

Press Releases

Shopping Databases

Video Efforts & Optimization (YouTube & on-site elements)

Social Media Accounts Including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…

Local Business Listings

You, my dear clients, have given me an awesome job to do and for keeping me busy all these years. I look forward to the years to come. You all are the ones that have allowed me to be optimal as an Internet Marketer! Thanks for giving me your websites. Thanks for trusting me with your businesses. Thanks for taking my time and paying me for it too. Thanks for making my job such fun!! – Lydia