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IM Services and Consulting

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The mainstay for Search Visible, Inc. is with a focus on helping business with effective Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. That means that we take an integrated approach to optimizing not only your website but all of your online properties.

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An effective Internet marketer will first start by looking into your website’s foundation and what part SEO plays into the website. SEO is only one part to the whole effectiveness of a website’s presence, it is at the forefront of doing well and doing it knowledgeably for the Internet and online search world. We take an holistic and integrated approach by looking at the whole picture that makes up your online presence.

We want you to know and understand what we are doing for you when hired as your IM consultants. Ask us anything about IM or SEO. There are no secrets, there is no magic or special sauce! What we do for our clients comes from years of experience and a working, hands-on knowledge of how Search and the online world works. We will help make sure Search and the online world works for you. We do offer group and individual business training focused on your online business should that be what you desire, offering video chat sessions to multi-day seminars. Ask us about your IM and SEO training needs. We want you to understand what your business needs to succeed online. We are here to help in multi-facetted ways!

An Understanding of Your Keyword Rankings:

Website or keyword rankings relate to the placements of website pages listed in a search engine or SERPS, search engine results page. To-date, Google, as a search engine, still dominates as the go-to place to search for things online.

Ideally, you want to be listed on the first page, or within the first 10 listings of the SERPs, as a result of a keyword search. To understand the value of having your website listed in the first 10 positions of the organic listings you can follow these statistical studies:

If the total searches for a keyword = X
And the total clicks that the 1st page of organic listings will get = 54.5%
Then visitor statistics, in mathematical terms, show the following for click-through-rate (CTR), meaning the percentage of visitors that will actually click and go to your site if it was listed in one of these top ten positions:

Rank 1 Position = X x 23% = n
Rank 2 Position = n/3.5
Rank 3 Position = n/4.9
Rank 4 Position = n/6.9
Rank 5 Position = n/8.5
Rank 6 Position = n/10.4
Rank 7 Position = n/12.3
Rank 8 Position = n/14.0
Rank 9 Position = n/14.8
Rank 10 Position = n/14.1
Yes, statistics show that having your website page ranked in position 10 is actually better than being ranked for position 9 (who knew!). Some will say that position 2 or 3 can bring in better qualified traffic too. We find that it can depend on what it is your business does or what it serves. But it should also be known that it is near impossible to make sure any one website page listing remains in the same position all of the time. Ask us about Google and their data centers to learn more about that.

We came in thinking we just needed help with our SEO. We came out with so much more than expected and it came from changes in our online forms that brought in more ROI than we ever expected. Thank you to Lydia for seeing and fixing that problem for us.”
Internet Marketing and SEO services from Search Visible, Inc. can help you with your organic, keyword listings in the search engines as well, and mainly for gaining more traffic to your business. You can expect reliable, consistent, and professional advice, performance, and help for all your website and online property needs. Not sure, check around, see if the information that we give you on our website is helpful. Read our Blog for a variety of IM and SEO topics covered. Feel free to send us an email with any questions. If you like the answers and our approach to Internet Marketing and SEO then we are here for you . . . online!

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