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Internet Marketing and SEO MeetUp Presentation in Los Angeles, CA

Tomorrow will be my first general audience presentation session on the topic of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing – and I only have an hour. For many years now I have performed many training sessions and presentations but all have been to specific individual clients – business groups and one-on-one – but always very specific to their individual websites and their specific needs to addressing SEO and IM issues. I also generally spend anywhere from 1/2 a day to multiple days on their training. I don’t know how well I’ll do given only an hour! I hope to cover everything without having to take the motor-mouth approach!

I also thought that I’d find a need to be more generalized and limited in my topic coverage for tomorrow but kept finding that bringing specific examples to the table can explain things far better. So, I will be interested to see how much this general group will “get” on the topics covered on SEO and IM as compared to my always happy and complimentary clients of the past [I actually love teaching and training]. I have picked one of my old client sites for examples for tomorrow that I was only able to help for a few short months – company changes, new CEO and economic issues kept me from continuing my work with them. I was sad to loose this company and website because it had so much going for them, they just needed to know how to guide their efforts and where to prioritize items.

I will also try to video tape tomorrow’s session and post it later – so you’ll hopefully see if it is successful!

In the meantime, and for the folks that will be at my SEO/IM session tomorrow asking for this list, I am pre-posting some helpful websites, tools, services and info all around the topic of SEO and IM. Know that there are so many useful tools that this list is barely a sampling – but hope you find it useful too.

Keyword Research Tools: – Google AdWords – Trellian Keyword Discovery – WordTracker

Google Toolbar: – IE and Firefox Toolbar with Google Search

Analytics Tools: – Google WebMaster Tools – Google Analytics – Alerts on your queries for Web, News, etc – Search and compare trends for queries – Compete – track competition – Link analysis – Firefox add-on – Yahoo – pages indexed and inbound links – Check the age and history of a website.

Ranking Monitors: – Thumbshots Rankings – SEMRush – Bruce Clay SEO Tools – Web Position 4 (Gold) – Rank Checker – Firefox add-on

Social Media & PR: – Facebook – social utility – Twitter – social messaging – LinkedIn – networking tool – Social Media check domain ownership

General SEO Tools & Info: – General SEO Website Info – Misc Information and Tool – Bruce Clay SEO Tools – SEOmoz general SEO Tools

Blog/Website Services:
Movable Type
MSN Spaces
Yahoo 360