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Internet Marketers are the Legal Advisers to the Online Search World

I am an IM/SEO consultant, analyst, engineer – yep, that is why I am writing this blog post for this particular website! Anyway, this means I work with websites to determine what they need to be better optimized for search engine rankings. Being able to analyze websites and know exactly what they need to do better online actually requires a fair amount of knowledge and skill! And I’d like to think (at least my clients think) that I am a pretty good consultant. So good, in fact, that I have little time to do much else but help those clients with their websites.

The main reason for the “legal adviser” title above is that I am frequently asked about my services and what and how it is worth the expense of hiring an IM/SEO firm or analyst such as myself. My logic is explained to these questions in this way:

I am much like your legal adviser in that I know all the rules, tools, good things, bad things that it takes for a website to succeed. I can give you this information in the time it takes to snap my finger – well, maybe a little longer. I do also believe that because of the Internet and how things work that there is always a way to perform this service yourself.

By performing the service yourself, as far as SEO goes, you can find a wealth of free information online. There are answers to all of your questions, every one of them. My advice to you at this point is to start reading at Google’s Webmaster Central. And don’t stop now, there are blogs and readings to be had all over the place. You can find answers and suggestions on website content development to link building and PR sculpting (if that’s your thing).

The problem you will have is that there is so much information and so many IM/SEO companies to choose from how will you know what’s good, bad, or simply ugly (as in stupid waste of time!). Well, do some research first then you will probably see that finding a good adviser (consultant, analyst, engineer – whatever) will be the key.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t look at the IM/SEO company because of its price, look at it on reputation and recommendations. How did you find out about that company? Then talk to them. Find out if you understand what they will want to do to help you and your website. If you don’t understand them or don’t get their suggestions then I’d steer clear because you will never know what’s going on. It’s not only your website, it’s your reputation and brand on the line, and online! You should know and understand everything that is taking place and why.

The IM/SEO consultant is the legal adviser whom you can trust to tell you what’s right and what’s not and what will be more worthwhile than anything else for you and your website is what you are looking for. I have spent years understanding and working with websites. This is my livelihood. I live and breathe the Internet, especially the part that relates to websites and what makes effective websites. I can tell you at a moments notice what to do next and what to plan for. I am there so that nothing hurts you or surprises you. I will stick by your website’s side. As my client’s know their websites become my family. I want them to succeed every bit as much as they do. Everything a proper IM/SEO consultant advises should be good, tried and true. It should also always follow online moral and ethical standards.

A good adviser will save you tons of time and money.

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