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Five SEO things to do for your Business

I’ve seen lots of predictions for 2008 with regards to search engine optimization and marketing. Most of these come from SEO firms and consultants. They all focus on what they think Google will do or how Universal Search (blended search), Social Marketing and such will change or affect how we will view search engines and their results on our websites. But I’ve not seen any predictions related to what businesses should do about all of these predictions and changes.

Five things businesses should plan on doing for themselves and their websites in 2008:

1) Create a blog.

I’ve said this before in an earlier blog post. Update your blog when you can but pick a topic to focus on and use that topic to link to a page within your site.

2) Check your anchor text use within your site.

Use consistent terms for individual pages to keep them distinct from one another. Don’t use “click here” or “learn more”. You can say “learn more about xyz”, like “learn more about SEO Services” as we would do. Note the only part highlighted is the link.

3) Create a sitemaps.xml page.

Make sure you have this XML feed of all the pages on your site. See for information on these types of files accepted by Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

4) Get the word out!

Write Press Releases of new and fascinating information or offerings you have on your site. Participate in others blogs or forums and add a reference (link) to a specific page of your site that you are responding to. Map your location. Create link magnets, or link bait, and let others know it’s on your site. Maybe add a video to YouTube and your site. And, if it’s not online then make sure you always, always reference your website in any publications, stationary, local news articles, whatever.

5) Hire an internal SEO for your organization.

Full-time is best but part-time is ok too. This will give you better first-hand knowledge and more control over SEO happenings with regards to your website. It also gives a sense of more responsibility to the newly hired SEO for results! – I have first hand knowledge of that one!! Hi, Richard! Hi, David!! (wink)

Note: We do have access to SEO specialists around the globe that will work locally, remotely or on a consultant basis so contact Search Visible Websites if we can help.