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Determining the Costs for SEO & Other Optimization Efforts: The SEO Audit

seo audit costsEvery day, we get inquiries about the various costs for digital marketing and SEO services. First, it can help to understand the various components that can play a part in digital marketing and SEO. Those components include some of the following online areas and properties:

And Expanded Channels & Services that help with further Marketing & Optimization efforts, such as:

  • Emails & Email Marketing
  • Advertising & PPC
  • Video Elements
  • APP Development
  • Logos, Images & Graphics
  • and more.

At Search Visible, it’s about how all the necessary components for that business are integrated and how and when to optimize them…all.

To start, it’s best to take a look at the website. Without a website, it’s kind of missing a huge part for the rest to connect with [wink]! An SEO Audit, if performed properly, individually, and effectively, can uncover a myriad of items that can be optimized – or made to perform better for you, your website traffic and the search engines.

Because of the varied and wide range of knowledge and experience in the SEO business, the costs to perform an SEO Audit can also vary quite a lot! Honestly, we’d love to see more standards and expectations set into place for gauging a good SEO from a bad or low-quality one, as well as the pricing for various SEO related services. Time and time again we are confronted with the business and website owner who just cannot tell one SEO from the other, don’t know what they really need but know they need it, or how to price the various services offered. And, sadly, they don’t find out that the enlisted the wrong service or service provider until much time has passed and many checks have been cashed!  We love what we do and love helping our clients but we hate it when we have to fix the mess that another so-called SEO has done to them.

So…. to help, we have decided to become a bit more transparent about how we help and what it costs to do so. To start, we are disclosing our average costs for an SEO Audit as well as what that website assessment will include. You can find details on our web page: SEO Audits & Assessments

We are actually responsible for having helped develop the standards for what’s included in a website assessment or SEO Audit for several top-tier and well-known marketing and SEO firms. To date, some of them come to us for their client website audits and we are happy to help. We even offer our SEO Audits at a discount for those firms because we know that they will need to take some time to further communicate the info and help that client with implementing the changes and optimization items needed after the report is delivered.

But, if you are looking to us to help assess your website, explain and help create a prioritized task list for you as well, then take a look at what a Search Visible website SEO Audit will cost and what types of elements are checked and reviewed within the audit report.