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The Silent SEO

Interestingly, I’ve been reading articles lately on Search Engine Optimization consultants, how to find them and what makes a good one. Today, there was an article by Rhea Drysdale, Death of SEO Transparency, that discusses that the best SEOs seem to keep their mouths shut and “secrets” safe. Working for several years now as a top SEO (yeah, tooting my own horn here!), the one thing I noticed that makes a great SEO consultant is […]

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How to Find a Decent SEO – Interviewing an SEO Consultant

First, “decent” does not pertain to politeness or socially correct. It does, however, pertain here to someone who can “do the job”!!! — I hope that you will find that this person can also be decently polite and socially correct too! So, finding someone who will “get the job done” means understanding what that job is! The Search Engine Optimization job means that you will get increased rankings for a variety of good and valuable […]

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Five SEO things to do for your Business

I’ve seen lots of predictions for 2008 with regards to search engine optimization and marketing. Most of these come from SEO firms and consultants. They all focus on what they think Google will do or how Universal Search (blended search), Social Marketing and such will change or affect how we will view search engines and their results on our websites. But I’ve not seen any predictions related to what businesses should do about all of […]

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Blogging for SEO

You may be seeing that Blogs are an important addition to your website. I’m seeing news reports on this topic more and more… “Blogging for Business”, “Marketing with Blogs”, “Blogging for SEO” (oh, is that my blog post?!!!), etc… but is it just a trend?? I don’t think this one is. I see blog posts as a great way to keep bits of information fresh and new for your site. Writing and maintaining an interesting […]

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A lot of SEO to work with!

So much SEO to do and so little time to do it in! I just haven’t had the time I’ve needed or wanted to get this blog really started and focused on SEO and SEM issues that I’d like. So, I’ll start tempting you with these topics… How about Linking Strategies?!? Or, ways to increase your site’s Page Rank? How about increasing your site’s conversions – making more money! (no question mark here!!) That’s really […]

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