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Blogging for SEO

You may be seeing that Blogs are an important addition to your website. I’m seeing news reports on this topic more and more… “Blogging for Business”, “Marketing with Blogs”, “Blogging for SEO” (oh, is that my blog post?!!!), etc… but is it just a trend?? I don’t think this one is.

I see blog posts as a great way to keep bits of information fresh and new for your site. Writing and maintaining an interesting blog can be great for readership and developing inbound links to your blog page. Inbound links developed here or through other link building techniques can only help your website with better search visibility. But, the information written about can also be used as supporting documentation to help strengthen the inter-linking of your website.

Now, don’t forget that you can set up your blog so that you have complete control. You don’t have to allow any and all comments if you don’t want to. I do suggest that when first starting a blog that you just write. Write a few posts before you consider opening any flood gates to comments. Advertise or market the fact that you have this blog for whatever reason. Let fellow bloggers know about your postings. See if there are others that you can comment on and refer to yours for a response. Even if you can’t get an active hyperlink for this you can still spell out your page reference and, hopefully, interest will follow and active hyperlinks will come about.

Pick precise topics or very specific subjects to write about. Don’t think about SEO while writing but do consider re-reading and editing your blog post for possible spelling or grammar issues. Then make sure that you have stayed on topic, add a few extra keywords that might help elaborate on the topic and help SEO then add a link to the page or area of the site that could best use the blog post for support. Know that your blog can spread your voice to others so write in a way that you feel comfortable. It will bring added benefit to your SEO efforts and your website will have better search visibility!

The blog post before this one suggests creating a plan for increasing link popularity, well… here you go!! Setting up you site with a blog directory is a great 1st step towards fulfilling this plan.

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