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Assessing a Web Site and your Client

To stay current, I just wrote a blog article on:
5 Steps (minutes) to Assessing your Client through their Web Site

It’s useful information for other SEOs and their sales team. But, I think it could also be interesting for a client to use for checking out their own website. Understanding issues related to how the online world can see you (and how they see your site) and evaluate you can be most useful in a variety of ways.

Also, use the information provided in the article to create your 5 step process to not only check and evaluate your site but the websites of your competitors. Use these 5 steps along with our more formal SEO Checklist to do a more thorough site assessment.

Here’s the list of the 5 steps – that should take 5 minutes to perform:

1) PageRank
2) site: command
3) (now known as since late 2008)
5) View page source – meta tags, H1, quick coding check

Check out the article and let me know here and/or there if it was helpful. I hope it is!