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Lydia Fabry Mazorol: Resume

lydiaLydia Fabry Mazorol
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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics                 Loyola University of the South, New Orleans, LA
Minor in Computer Science

Professional Experience & Jobs:

Internet Marketing & SEO Professional Analyst/Engineer                                 2007 to present

Search Visible, Inc.:

  • Independent Internet Marketing & Organic Search consultant.
  • Manage and orchestrate multiple team members for on-site, external-site and off-site needs for various clients’ websites & online properties.
  • Provide consulting & technical services for varied individual clientele as well as for other IM/SEO firms and their clients.
  • Expertise and knowledge includes: Social Media Marketing & Management, Reputation Management, Local Search and Localization, Email Marketing, Optimized Press Releases/Blog/Content Writing, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), and more.
  • Extensive and creative problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Always participating in ethical, “white-hat”, user-focused standards for online marketing and SEO.
  • Create, develop and conduct conferences & business training sessions for general audiences and industry specific groups on Internet marketing, SEO and how to write for the web.
  • Develop and create “standards” guides for online property assessment/audit documents and technical guidelines including internal tracking standards used beyond typical online tool tracking or analytics reports.
  • Technical & coding as necessary using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and various markup languages & protocols to help with client websites & analysis of websites.
  • Successful optimization for websites for improved rankings & traffic in the organic search space, as well as for Universal/Blended search criteria.
  • Assess, analyze and create reports from various Analytics tools, including for SEO reporting and Keyword research.
  • Guidelines and recommendations given for external Link development & Link development strategies.
  • Excellent organizational, communication and writing skills related to all aspects of business and the business of Internet Marketing & SEO.

Miscellaneous Current & Past Client Web Properties:

influenster wlg dirigodev womentowomen kidscrookedhouse

fetchdog betterbones sothebyshomes montereycompany healthyfutures







Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Primary Analyst, Consultant & Instructor                      2006 to 2008

Bruce Clay Europe: .

  • Created IM/SEO materials and performed corporate training in the UK.
  • Analyzed and documented SEO recommendations for websites in Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, German, Italian, French, and English.
  • Provided all SEO duties as outlined for Bruce Clay, Inc for European markets.


Top Performing Senior SEO Analyst and Consultant                                       2005 to 2007

Bruce Clay, Inc:

  • Provide analysis, research and recommendations for Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Optimize web sites for improved rankings in the organic listings of the top search engines, Google, Yahoo! and MSN/Bing.
  • Manage and supervise several SEO Analysts.
  • Understanding of the search engine ranking algorithm and how search engines spiders and indexing work.
  • Experienced with a variety of Analytics tools, SEO analysis and Keyword research tools.
  • Edit and update web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and various file transfer protocols.
  • Knowledge of Web Server issues, mod_rewrite protocols and coding necessary for Microsoft IIS and Apache type servers.
  • Linking strategies developed for clients.
  • Universal Search protocols examined and recommended for clients.
  • Impressive communication and writing skills for transfer of knowledge to large corporations and small businesses related to the business of SEO.
  • Internal training documents and technical briefs created for other SEO Analysts.
  • Editor and monitor of information for SEOToolSet SEO Standard & Advanced Training materials and presentation.
  • Validated & corrected testing Exam materials for those seeking SEOToolSet Certification.


Owner/Operator of Personal Computer Connection                                          1992 to 2007

Web Slinger Design:

  • Web site designs, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Graphic design and animation.
  • HTML creating and coding.
  • MacroMedia DreamWeaver, FireWorks and Flash creations.
  • Shopping carts, implementation and design.

Personal Computer Trainers:

  • Help and training with all aspects of personal computer use.
  • Establish and conduct training of PC software.
  • Shop for client’s PC and PC ratings.
  • Teach all aspects of the Internet including HTML and graphic design.


Mathematics/Computer Teacher and Tutor                                                       1982 to 2005

Santa Fe Community College:

  • Math Instructor for Developmental Studies Department.
  • Teacher for Pre-Algebra and Basic Algebra.

Miscellaneous Teaching/Tutoring

  • Calculus – Algebra I and II – Trigonometry – Geometry.
  • Teacher at various Elementary School levels through High School.
  • Taught in group/class situations and tutored individuals.
  • Web Site design and misc. software training and tutoring.

Modern Olympic Fencing Coach                                                                      2001 to  present                                                

  • Accredited Fencing Coach through the USFA Coaches Association.
  • Coach various levels in all three weapons: Foil, Epee, and Saber.
  • Currently competing Nationally for the US Women’s Veteran World Team in saber.
  • Competed nationally in Saber, Foil and Epee and ranked #1 in the Nation at the Women’s Veteran level in saber for many years.

Lydia Fabry Mazorol
2443 Pathway Avenue
Simi Valley, California 93063
Phone: (505)310-2226

Lydia Fabry Mazorol: Resume August 21, 2015