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At-Home Sport Fencing Exercises & Drills

At-Home Fencing Exercises & Drills

Find various YouTube, Instagram free video fencing exercises and drills that can be done at-home at any time and for any of the 3 modern Olympic fencing weapons.

Special thanks to all the fencers and coaches who put these exercises and drills out there during a time we all needed it the most!

General Fencing Drills & Footwork | All Weapons

at-home general epee foil workout
Fencing Home Workout – Epee focused but many of these drills/exercises can be used for other fencing weapons.
Basic footwork & drills for fencers by Canada’s largest and most recognized Dynamo Fencing Club. –> Watch on YouTube

Foil Fencing Drills & Workouts

at-home foil lessons playlist
Foil | Fleuret | Fioretto – A Selection of Foil Fencing/Coaching Lessons –> Watch on YouTube

Epee Fencing Drills & Workouts

at-home epee drill natalie moellhausen
Epee Arm & Hand Reinforcing Exercise | Nathalie Moellhausen –> Watch on Instagram
at-home epee lessons playlist
Epee | Espada | Spada – A Selection of Epee Fencing/Coaching Lessons –> Watch on Instagram

Saber Fencing Drills & Workouts

at-home saber lessons playlist
Sabre | Saber | Sciabola – A Selection of Saber Fencing/Coaching Lessons –> Watch on YouTube
At-Home Sport Fencing Exercises & Drills April 25, 2020