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A lot of SEO to work with!

So much SEO to do and so little time to do it in!

I just haven’t had the time I’ve needed or wanted to get this blog really started and focused on SEO and SEM issues that I’d like. So, I’ll start tempting you with these topics…

How about Linking Strategies?!?

Or, ways to increase your site’s Page Rank?

How about increasing your site’s conversions – making more money! (no question mark here!!)
That’s really it, isn’t it!!! (or here!!)

Today’s SEO blog will just start outlining the basics of Linking Strategies. I’ll take things step-by-step and elaborate slowly because for those who know, and I mean really know, they don’t have to read this! This is for those that have heard some of these things but it’s over their heads and they are just trying to understand it all!

To start strategizing on building links to your site, you’ll want an understanding of Link Popularity.

Link Popularity relates to the number of links and authority of web sites linking to your web site.

Search engines recognize when a site is popular. They base this determination on other sites that point to your site or any page in your site. Link popularity is factored into search engine algorithms. Increasing quality external links to your site can improve search engine rankings. You gain popularity points with the search engines for quality links. Quality links are defined by their content relevancy to your site as well as their own popularity. Understanding the basics to establishing good links will help increase your site’s popularity.

To gain additional link popularity, it is good to have information on how your site is currently doing. Determining if you have others linking to your site is invaluable information. Knowing if the search engines know about that is what gives you the popularity rankings. Then you can decide if you need to establish more quality links that point to your site. Or maybe, you need to get rid of badly placed links that point to your site, such as those related to link farms. Pay attention to the content and quality of a site linking to yours and the other sites that they link to as well.

Consider formulating a plan of action and goals for your web site, including procedures for a Link Building Campaign related to your site. If you are not sure on how to formulate a plan for increasing link popularity for your web site then consider reading the next blog entry COMING SOON!

You can always email me with any questions. I don’t mind at all!

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