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2010 New Years Eve Celebrations Around the World

new year

We are always fascinated by the many New Year celebrations worldwide. Ringing in the New Year gives us insight to other cultures yet shows that we all do have some common ground.

Search Visible, Inc. wishes all of our clients, friends and family around the world a safe and prosperous New Year in 2010.

Some fun websites to help you ring in the New Year:

YouTube’s highlight videos for year 2009:
YouTube New Years Channel

UStream.TV suggests the following:
Times Square, New York, US
Funchal Harbor, Island of Madeira, Portugal
Junkanoo Festival, Nassau, Bahamas

The BBC News gives us video highlights for:
New Year’s Celebrations

The New York Times suggests some Good-Luck recipes:
Cooking Up Luck for the New Year

If you can see the sky tonight from where you are, know that there is/will be a Blue Moon tonight to help us see clearly into 2010!

The first to ring in the 2010 New Year were those in Auckland, New Zealand:
Fireworks from Auckland’s Sky Tower

Set your clocks for a New Year’s Eve to remember – we hope to see you all soon!