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Archive for October 2008

Internet Marketing and the Recession – Gaining with Search Visibility

I think the “recession” here might refer more appropriately to my “recessed” attention to this blog! I need to do better! It can’t have been more than a few weeks ago that I was mentioning to a friend that I didn’t think that the SEO marketplace would hurt from the recession issues related to the economy. I explained that SEO services should be in even more demand based on the fact that website owners will […]

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Internet Marketers are the Legal Advisers to the Online Search World

I am an IM/SEO consultant, analyst, engineer – yep, that is why I am writing this blog post for this particular website! Anyway, this means I work with websites to determine what they need to be better optimized for search engine rankings. Being able to analyze websites and know exactly what they need to do better online actually requires a fair amount of knowledge and skill! And I’d like to think (at least my clients […]

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