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Projections for Online Search in 2010

Setup on on-site blog. If you have one already then make sure it is effectively being used to support internal website pages. Use real-time channels for branding, website updates & keyword support. At least understand how real-time information is being used in Search. Some of the better real-time areas to participate in are: Facebook, Twitter, online Press Releases, Blogs and other dated online forms of information. Pay attention to local options, internal and external to […]

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Online Branding – big brands vs. little brands vs. any brand

General Definition: Brand = Trade Name; A Name given to a Product or Service Google’s Definition (aka Matt Cutts): Brand = x + Trust, Authority, Reputation, PR, High Quality where x = whatever name/names given to a product or service (as above) Synonym for Brand = Known in your Niche Reading posts and listening to interviews on the Google “Vince” update/changes released about a month ago has me shaking my head at the concerns of […]

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Internet Marketing and SEO MeetUp Presentation in Los Angeles, CA

Tomorrow will be my first general audience presentation session on the topic of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing – and I only have an hour. For many years now I have performed many training sessions and presentations but all have been to specific individual clients – business groups and one-on-one – but always very specific to their individual websites and their specific needs to addressing SEO and IM issues. I also generally spend anywhere from […]

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