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The Good and The Bad of SEO

Time and time again it seems that SEO consultants are having to help the general public understand the good and the bad of Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization. There is a wealth of website and SEO information out there that the general public simply can’t tell what is good useful information as opposed to silly ignorant and possibly hurtful bits. I read various articles and posts yesterday about John Dvorak’s comments on The Trouble […]

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Internet Marketers are the Legal Advisers to the Online Search World

I am an IM/SEO consultant, analyst, engineer – yep, that is why I am writing this blog post for this particular website! Anyway, this means I work with websites to determine what they need to be better optimized for search engine rankings. Being able to analyze websites and know exactly what they need to do better online actually requires a fair amount of knowledge and skill! And I’d like to think (at least my clients […]

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Assessing a Web Site and your Client

To stay current, I just wrote a blog article on: 5 Steps (minutes) to Assessing your Client through their Web Site It’s useful information for other SEOs and their sales team. But, I think it could also be interesting for a client to use for checking out their own website. Understanding issues related to how the online world can see you (and how they see your site) and evaluate you can be most useful in […]

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