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Digital Marketing & SEO Performance Appraisals & Operational Auditors

SEO Risk Management Performance Appraisals

Second Opinion Consultants – Digital Marketing & SEO Performance Appraisals & Operational Auditors

– A Risk Management Service –
Committed to Helping Expose & Correct Bad Digital Marketers & SEOs

Business owners & management professionals hire digital marketers and SEOs for their advice and expertise. The problem can be in not necessarily knowing or being able to properly gauge the varying degrees, levels, knowledge and abilities of the advice and expertise you are getting from those individuals or firms.

We Help Assess the Workers Performing the Work

We offer a straight-forward, unbiased, expert and experienced perspective. Basically, we offer an expert’s “second-opinion” to help you evaluate and appraise those people who you have hired, want to hire, or contracted with for your digital marketing and/or SEO needs. We can even help if you are the one performing those services for yourself!

While the team at Search Visible, Inc. is regularly hired by businesses for their digital marketing & SEO projects, this second-opinion service is our attempt to help weed out, expose and correct the bad practices performed by scammy, spammy people that hurt our industry overall and cost business owners time and lots of money.

We Don’t Like Cleaning Up the Dirty Work of Others

Consider this as a risk-management service designed to help you feel comfortable and confident with your employee choices, contractors or firm hires specifically there to help with digital marketing and SEO.

We assess the skills of the people involved in these essential areas of Digital Marketing & SEO services (we help with the interview process too):
– Search Engine Optimization professionals.
– Social Media Marketers & Managers
– Link Builders
– Web Content & General Online Content Writers
– Mobile Marketing Service Providers
– Email Marketers
– Public Relations, Reputation & Branding Consultants
– IT & Web Design Professionals
– Adwords & PPC Marketers
– Graphics Designers & Creative Advertisers
– Local Placement Advisors
– and… basically any part of a business that appears online through various Internet channels!

Regardless of one’s work title or whether they are individual consultants, agencies, or in-house employees, it can be very helpful to have a clear sense of that person’s knowledge and abilities, and… the costs to you. The bottom line for most doing business online is their return-on-investment. Knowing more about your employees or contract hires will offer you the ability to make better decisions for your business.

With an excess of a billion websites online, there is a lot of business out there for us all and there are too many good digital marketers and SEOs to NOT have one of them working for your business. This is our way of helping our industry and yours – and to help business grow positively for all. Let’s make sure that happens.

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